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What is the TodayTix Hunt4Ham? Your guide to winning free Hamilton tickets every week.

November 17, 2017 by Janelle Miley
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So you missed out on getting Hamilton tickets when they went on sale months ago. Or you looked at that price tag and were like 👀. Or maybe you’re banking on a small miracle / divine intervention to get you into the room where it happens.

We get it. Hamilton is here, it’s big, and it’s a commitment.

That’s where we come in. Introducing the TodayTix Hunt4Ham, a weekly scavenger hunt around Los Angeles for a chance to win free tickets to Hamilton (yes, really). We’ll send our followers from Silverlake to Santa Monica, from iconic landmarks to lesser-known hotspots, all in the name of that ten dollar founding father.

Sounds easy enough, right? Here’s how to stay in the know (and claim those free tickets like the total boss you are):

First, sign up for updates on and make sure you’ve downloaded the TodayTix app. Each week, we’ll let you know when the next hunt is happening, and we’ll give you clues to help you find our secret spot! Want more intel?  We’ll hide additional clues throughout the TodayTix app!

On the day of each hunt, we’ll let you know what time to arrive at the secret location. The first person there who finds our TodayTix agent gets a pair of tickets to that evening’s performance of Hamilton! It’s that simple. If you aren’t the first person to arrive, don’t fret – we’ll have some special goodies for you, too.

Ready to play? Sign up on today, and we’ll see you out there! Excited, intrigued, or confused? Read more at the TodayTix Hunt4Ham FAQs page!


Just so you know, the TodayTix Hunt4Ham has no official affiliation with Hamilton. We’re just big fans of the show and we love a good scavenger hunt (who doesn’t?)