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11 Things to Know About LA’s Hottest New Venue The 11:11

July 2, 2018 by TodayTix
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Do you ever look at your watch/iPhone/Microwave clock/etc. and see the time 11:11 pop up and know it’s time to make a wish? You’re in the right space at the right time where all the numbers line up on the clock, and creative balance and peace exists for a moment. That’s the idea behind LA’s new arts performance space, The 11:11, where creative ideas and productions come to thrive. What exactly is The 11:11, you ask? Here are 11 things you should know about the city’s latest arts destination.

1. Veteran producers Michael Leoni, Michelle Kaufer, Erica Katzin & Max Feldman created the space.
We’re talking about some major theater and film cred here. Leoni, Kaufer, and Katzin are the force behind An 11:11 Experience, the production company behind such LA hits as the play “ELEVATOR” that ran for seven months in 2017 and for 10 months in 2011 and received multiple awards as well as the feature documentary “American Street Kid.” Founded in 2004, the film and theater production company centers on arts fostering social change. Joining them on their current production are additional power house producers Rebecca Black and Cassidy Pepper. With multiple Broadway and Off-Broadway credits between them, you know you’re in good hands.

2. It’s not just for theater.
In the spirit of An 11:11 Experience, there will be all sorts of art to enjoy at this inventive and inviting space. From film screenings to art exhibits to live music, the founders have big plans in store for the diverse variety of events you can attend at The 11:11.

3. The space is full of history.
You may remember the space as the former home of the Macha Theater, a theater and film company that previously operated the West Hollywood venue, but once you walk inside, you definitely won’t recognize it. The space has been transformed from what was left of The Globe Playhouse into a retro-1970s, Laurel Canyon, rock-n-roll venue. The canyon is known to have been the birthplace and inspiration for a wealth of well-known music, movies, and art. Its amazing history inspired the founders to give it some well-deserved recognition.

4. Shakespeare looms large here.
Before the space was The 11:11 or the Macha Theatre, it was The Globe Playhouse, known for its productions of the Bard’s work. Founded by R. Thad Taylor, The Globe Playhouse was built as a perfect replica of Shakespeare’s Old Globe and the word on the street is, Mr. Taylor’s company performed all of Shakespeare’s 375 plays straight through — twice!

5. You can get some puppy love.
Say hi to The 11:11’s resident pup Roxy when you swing by! Roxy is the most lovable golden retriever, and you’ll be coming back for the shows and the dog. Follow her on Instagram at @roxygoldendog.

6. It’s in the heart of West Hollywood, aka The Creative City.
Where else would you expect to find creativity flourishing but in the city dubbed with the very same name.  The opening of The 11:11 lines right up with the city’s goals of turning the area into its very own theater district.  Hungry for more? Hugo’s is right next door, and Hamburger Mary’s, Marix and Basix are right around the corner. Or step up your dinner game at Nobu, where you just might spot a celebrity.

7. Stick around for a drink after the show — or get there early for pre-show fun.
The lounge at The 11:11 is the perfect space to imbibe pre or post show and discuss what you just saw. Meet new friends and get to know the artistic community here before and after the entertainment. @the1111space

8. Check out the artists’ lounge.
The artists’ lounge is a space at The 11:11 where all artists are welcome. Come in, have a coffee, grab a snack, and enjoy the good vibes. Whether you’re having a one-on-one meeting or collaborating with a group, the artists’ lounge is the perfect space to create.

9. The first show is “Famous.”
Literally, that’s what it’s called. Written by Leoni, the play follows one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities during a party celebrating his first Oscar nomination where his deepest, darkest secret is revealed. “Famous” begins performances on April 18 and runs through May 19. @famoustheplay

10. You can produce your show here too.
It’s an arts space for everyone – you can use the venue to produce your own works. With an intimate theater and artists’ lounge, The 11:11 is not only a destination for audiences but is a new local resource for producers, performers, and artists looking to present at a fresh new space.

11. And last, but not least, get your tickets on TodayTix.
The best way to get your tickets to a show at The 11:11? TodayTix. We’ve got exclusive tickets from $11 to the opening weekend “Famous” at The 11:11. We also have exclusive $20 VIP tickets which include reserved seating and a complimentary glass of beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverage.

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