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The theater doctors and nurses that would be giving out the Coronavirus vaccine

22 January 2021 by Sophie Thomas
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The worldwide vaccination rollout against Covid 19 is in full swing, with millions receiving their Coronavirus vaccine every week. Those on the frontline are working tirelessly to protect communities to ensure that life can get back to normal as speedily as possible.

To give the ongoing Coronavirus vaccines a theatrical feel that’s more colorful rather than clinical, we’re imagining onstage doctors are delivering Covid-19 vaccine as well. Here’s a roundup of the theater doctors and nurses who would be dedicating their lives to this global effort, as well as a few dream characters that could possibly get involved too.

Adam Kay

Adam Kay from Adam Kay – This Is Going To Hurt

Okay, hear us out. Adam Kay is a qualified doctor. A West End comedian is a doctor. If he were to shun comedy and rejoin the medical profession, he could actually give out vaccines as part of his day job. Imagine turning up for your vaccine and seeing British star Adam Kay in the room. This would be the best possible outcome.

Gavin Creel and Sara Bareilles in “Waitress” (Photo by Matt Crockett)

Dr Pomatter and Nurse Norma from Waitress

As well as looking after pregnant mums and their children-to-be, Dr. Pomatter and Nurse Norma would make the perfect team to deliver vaccines. Working together at the OB/GYN office in Waitress, this hilarious duo would make anxious patients feel comfortable too, even if they’d spend too much time on their lunch break eating sweet treats.

The Doctor
Juliet Stevenson in “The Doctor” (Photo by Manuel Harlan)

Professor Ruth Woolf from“The Doctor”

As a senior physician in The Doctor, Professor Ruth Woolf would deliver her vaccines efficiently, seeing as many patients an hour as humanly possible. Her ruthlessness and controversial decision making would be acknowledged by her colleagues, even if it wouldn’t go down well with her patients.

A New Brain
Cast of A New Brain (Photo by Joan Marcus)

Dr. Jafar Berensteiner from A New Brain

Even though he may not be the most sympathetic practitioner, this neurosurgeon would definitely pick up on any niggling concerns in your mind about the Coronavirus vaccine. They say that doing brain surgery is the hardest thing anyone can do, so you’d know that injecting a vaccine would be no trouble for Dr. Berensteiner.

Taylor Trensch and Rachel Bay Jones in “Dear Evan Hansen” on Broadway

Heidi Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen

If there’s a musical theater character that defines a frontline worker, it’s Heidi Hansen. While administering vaccines during the day, Heidi would be there for patients every step of the way, ensuring the vaccination process was as smooth as possible. She’d have no down time either, constantly thinking about Evan as well as balancing her paralegal studies. What a woman.

Next to Normal
Louis Hobson in “Next to Normal”

Dr. Madden from Next to Normal

In Next to Normal, Diana is treated by two practitioners: Dr. Fine and Dr. Madden. As a seasoned doctor, Dr. Madden uses a variety of treatments to combat Diana’s bipolar disorder. If Dr. Madden were delivering vaccines to patients, he’d be easygoing too, playing the radio and singing along.

Nellie Forbush from South Pacific

As a Navy nurse, Nellie Forbush knows what it’s like to serve her nation in the face of danger. If she were faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, Forbush wouldn’t rest until everyone was vaccinated. She’d be ever the professional too, remaining civil with those who she did not favor to. 

Brenda Strong from Catch Me If You Can

Working at such a large hospital like Atlanta General, Brenda Strong already knows what it’s like to be rushed off her feet. So, administering thousands of vaccines a day to patients on top of her day-to-day duties wouldn’t phase her. It’s just part and parcel of her strong character.

Nurse from Romeo and Juliet

Although the Nurse isn’t technically a nurse like we’d consider nurses in 2021, being Juliet Capulet’s carer and confidante is a full time job. So, if she were to look after hundreds in the same way by acquiring vaccine delivery skills, you could definitely count on the Nurse.

Doctor Dolittle from Doctor Dolittle

Okay, we know that Doctor Dolittle treats animals instead of humans. But imagine this situation just for a moment: Doctor Dolittle is called to help the vaccine rollout for a few days, easing the strain put on fellow frontline workers. He knows how to “Talk to the Animals” so he’d definitely chat with any of his patients — injecting a Coronavirus vaccine would just be part of conversation.


Doctor Dillamond from “Wicked”

We know that Doctor Dillamond is a talking goat. But if there’s anything the past 12 months have taught us, it’s that anything can happen. So Doctor Dillamond abandoning his history lessons, becoming a human and giving out vaccines wouldn’t even surprise us anymore.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter from “The Rocky Horror Show”

If you ended up with Dr. Frank-N-Furter as your vaccine doctor, we could only apologize. Their freneticism would definitely send your shivers down your spine and you’d have to sit through hours of laboratory experiments before you receive your jab. It wouldn’t be a typical doctor’s appointment but it’d make a great anecdote.