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Saying Goodbye To Our First Social Ambassadors

24 May 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Last year, we launched our Social Ambassador programme, designed to provide a few lucky performing arts students the opportunity to spend 12 months seeing as much London theatre as they could, and creating exclusive content with us. They interviewed West End casts, took backstage tours and even went to special events and premieres. They were our TodayTix Squad and it’s been a really wonderful year for us to get to know them.

As we say goodbye to Chloe Jacobs, Arian Nik, Perry O’BreeBella Hamilton, Dexter Clift and Lola Adaja, we asked them to look back at their year with the programme. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences and what they’ve got planned for the future.

Of all the shows you saw with the programme, which were the most memorable?
Lola: So tricky to decide, but definitely between Dreamgirls, Kinky Boots or School of Rock!

Arian: Without a doubt, it has to be Joe Hill-Gibbins’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Young Vic. I haven’t been excited like that by a Shakespeare production in a long time. The design, direction and execution breathed new life into a world and narrative we have seen done in the same mundane way, a million times before.

Bella: My favourite show with the team was The Bodyguard because I hadn’t seen it before and who doesn’t love a bit of Whitney! It was great to see plays as I hadn’t seen any in London before.

Dexter: It would have to be either Kinky Boots or Dreamgirls. Both are two that I have been a fan of for a long time and to get to see them with TodayTix was an amazing opportunity.

Chloe: It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favourite show from my time as an ambassador, but An American in Paris is undoubtedly up there. Not only was the show magical and full of joy, the performances were simply ridiculously good.

Photo Credit: Arian Nik Twitter
 Which show surprised you the most?

Lola: Floyd Collins, I don’t usually like that style of music, but the show absolutely blew me away. It was stunning and so moving.

Dexter: They Drink it in The Congo and 1984 were the shows that surprised me the most. Both were very different from each other and from anything that I had seen before, and I wish I had the chance to see both again!

Arian: A Pacifist’s Guide To The War On Cancer. I was familiar with Bryony Kimmings’ work before seeing the show. But nothing could have prepared me for the sheer masterpiece that it was. The subject matter was dealt with boldly and the payoff was HUGE. It truly blew me away and has stayed with me ever since.

Photo Credit: Dexter Clift Instagram

What will you be up to in the coming year? Training/work/travel/auditions? 

Chloe: An excerpt of one of my plays will be performed at Theatre N16 on the 18th June as part of a feminist theatre festival called Herstory. I will also (terrifyingly) be performing stand up comedy for the first time at some London open mic nights. After a trip to New York, I am very proud to say that, pending one pesky A-Level result, I will be off to study English Literature at Oxford University (and undoubtedly join every drama society available).

Lola: I go into my final year at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts! So, this coming year will be full of 3rd year showcases/productions/agent meetings and auditions for West End shows.

Bella: I am hoping to complete my fitness and Pilates qualifications this year and take my passion for fitness a step further. My goals for the rest of the year are to make more time to practice my instruments, join a choir/a capella group, start playing netball again, see Dreamgirls and beat my Oreo addiction.

Dexter: In the coming year, I will be continuing my training at Millennium in musical theatre and expanding my wig business, where I have been styling wigs for drag queens and small theatre productions.

Arian: I’m currently mid rehearsals for my stage debut in the 10th Anniversary Production of The Ugly One at the Park Theatre, directed by JMK award winner Roy Alexander Weise. The process so far has been an absolute joy and we can’t wait to share the piece with audiences.

Photo Credit: Lola Adaja Twitter

With all the different kinds of shows you’ve seen in the past year, have you changed how you think about theatre or different types of shows?

Dexter: I have absolutely changed my mind about different types of shows this year. Before the programme, I was strictly musicals but since then I have seen so many straight plays and it has completely opened my mind to all types of theatre.

Chloe: When I began this programme, I loved theatre but only really went to see things I desperately wanted to see. Theatre can be very expensive so it was very hard to go outside of my comfort zone and risk buying a ticket to a show I may not like. TodayTix gave me so many opportunities to see affordable theatre, through rushes etc., and consistently offered tickets to shows I may not have seen otherwise. That’s really broadened my horizons more than anything and made me more theatrically curious!

Lola: I’ve been so lucky to see an array of shows with the programme which have all added to my learning. I still believe that theatre is definitely for everyone, and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the exhilarating buzz you get from watching theatre.

Photo Credit: Chloe Jacobs Twitter
What did you enjoy most about being a part of the Ambassador programme?

Bella: I will miss being a TodayTix Ambassador and I think it’s a truly great scheme. I saw shows, got to meet an amazing group of people, had experience in front of a camera many times and the process behind creating social media content.

Lola: I’ve loved all the amazing opportunities like interviewing the cast of The Wild Party, going to the Press Night of An American in Paris, being at The Curtain Up Show Live event and much more. I feel so privileged to have been part of this programme and it’s so heartbreaking that it has come to an end.

Dexter: I enjoyed most the networking and connecting side of the programme. Through it, I have met so many great people either online or through social networks and have been able to have a platform to get myself out there…and of course all the shows I’ve had the privilege of seeing!

Arian: It may seem like a cop-out but I assure you it isn’t; the WHOLE experience has been a complete and utter joy. I’m so grateful.

Chloe: I loved being an ambassador for several reasons. One was all the opportunities to meet people and see incredible theatre. Another was to develop a great bond with the other Ambassadors, giving me a readymade network of creative people to chat to and see shows with. I have no doubt we will keep in touch through all our artistic adventures.

Finally, the Ambassador programme gave me a chance to feel like a real part of the London theatre community; attending press nights and getting a mention from West End Wilma as just two examples, really made me feel like I was inside what can often feel like a very exclusive theatre club. Plus, I’ll definitely be first in line to see Arian in The Ugly One at the Park Theatre!

Photo credit: TodayTix

We’re very proud of how far all of them have come and will really miss our first year’s Social Ambassadors. We’ve loved seeing their enthusiasm for theatre, their successes in their work and training and we can’t wait to see where the future will take all of them.

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