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Introducing Smooth Distractions

1 April 2017 by TodayTix
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Imagine owning the greatest collection of theater songs ever performed…sung by the regular people sitting in the theater next to you.

TodayTix presents Smooth Distractions Volume 1: Sounds of the Theater. Get 15 real recordings sung by people other than your favorite performers!

Real hits. Sung by Real People (literally.)


Tracks include:

Smooth-Distractions-Volume-1The-Entire-Collection Volume1-1

“The Lullaby on Broadway” by The Woman Snoring Next to You
“Seasons of Loving on You” by The Annoying Couple Everyone Loves to Hate
“Not Throwing Away My Shot (At Being The Coolest Teacher)” by Your High School History Teacher on a Field Trip
“I Dreamed a Dream I’ll Have This Role Someday” by That Theater Obsessed Teen Seated Next To You
“Don’t Rain on my Plot Line” by Your Friend Who Accidentally Just Ruined the Show
“We’re Not Sure What Song This Is Because of Someone Loudly Unwrapping Their Candy” by Unknown
“All I Ask of You is That You Stop Talking” featuring the People in the Row Behind You
“Sit Down You’re Ruining the Show” featuring the Stylings of the Guy Entering Late

But wait! There’s more…

Volume2 Volume3

Order now and we’ll send you the entire Smooth Distractions collection including Volume 2: Sounds of the Shower with hits by Your Roommate Who Thinks They’re Home Alone and Volume 3: Sounds of the Car featuring Your Friend Who Says “Oh snap that’s my jam!” About Every Song on the Radio.

Call 1-844-732-5777 to order the entire Smooth Distractions collection now for just $10.99 plus shipping and handling. Call now or order online at