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Stream these spooky shows and events to get into the Halloween spirit

27 October 2020 by Sophie Thomas
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Sadly, the biggest trick this Halloween is that we can’t celebrate with our friends and family! But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to an incredible night of theatre. Swap the costumes for the candy and relax on the sofa by watching a spooky production.

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Cast of Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster (Photo courtesy of Lukas Galanty)

Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster

Does society or an individual create monsters among us? First performed at Battersea Arts Centre in 2019, this hip-hop adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein condenses the horror into just 30 minutes. Six talented performers take to the mic in a unique beatboxing creation that thankfully isn’t as frightening as the original monster. Instead, it’s fresh, witty and a must watch for any Frankenstein lover. Frankenstein is on BBC Four at 11pm on October 25, and available to watch here for a further 30 days.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Get ready for a little “Shakesfear” this Halloween season. From October 31 – November 9, there’s plenty of shows to enjoy. Let out a bloodcurdling scream as you listen to a selection of new ghost stories, or a bewitching adaptation of “that Scottish play.” Fearful of fear itself? Not to worry, as there’s workshops on how to deal with fear too. At least you can breathe easy after a scary night watching theatre.

A Killer Slumber Party
Michael James Scott (Photo courtesy of A Killer Slumber Party)

A Killer Slumber Party

A spooky spin-off of A Killer Party, chat all things Broadway with Michael James Scott and YouTuber Katherine Steele on October 28. During the event, they’ll share highlights from previous episodes of A Killer Party, so whether you’ve seen one or seen them all, you’ll definitely come away with a few slices of theater gossip. As they answer questions from special guests to be announced, will they be tricked?

Camp Stabbawei
Camp Stabbawei artwork (Photo by Camp Stabbawei)

Camp Stabbawei

We’ve all been to summer camp, spending countless hours under the stars. But would you brave the cold, dark, open forests at Halloween? In this pick-your-own adventure, your decisions alone will decide whether you can restore harmony to camp or if you’ll bite the dust. Can you hold your nerve and survive the night at Camp Stabbawei?

Dracula Norm Lewis
Norm Lewis in Dracula (Photo courtesy of Dracula)

Dracula Live

Be transported to Transylvania, home of vampires, wolves, and the setting for Bram Stoker’s horror classic, Dracula. Head to the lead of the undead with Norm Lewis, who plays a bloodthirsty Count Dracula, complete with a 360-degree soundscape where it will seem that bats fly right past your ears. Why not close your eyes and immerse yourself by simply listening, or will you shake with fear?

Scare Your Friends

Are you usually the one to frighten your pals? Well, look no further than Scare Your Friends, where you can watch not one but two Halloween plays. Start off in “The Empty Place” before you venture off into “The Dark House” and see if you can survive the night. Or, will you want to run away?

Dracula Louisville
Actors Theatre of Louisville perform Dracula (Photo courtesy of Actors Theatre of Louisville)

Dracula: A Radio Play

This new adaptation sees a group on the hunt to track down Dracula once for all. Based on Orson Welles’ 1930 radio presentation, this is an auditory, theatrical experience by Actors Theatre of Louisville you’ll need to hear in order to believe.

Cast of Puffs (Photo by Hunter Canning)

Puffs: Filmed Live

We all know of Harry Potter. He’s the famous “Boy Who Lived” that studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. But, what about the Hogwarts kids that weren’t seen on screen? Here’s where Puffs comes in. Inspired by the J. K. Rowling series, Puffs is a tale for anyone who is distinctly average. Having played for over three years at New World Stages, relive the magical moments with this filmed performance.