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Get Ready For The Summer Of Love At The Globe

9 May 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Over on the South Bank of the river, you’ll find the ultimate monument to William Shakespeare, the Globe Theatre. Within it’s walls, the iconic plays of Shakespeare are still performed every year to audiences from all over the world. This year, visitors will be able to experience the Summer of Love season – a celebration of romance and all the drama that comes with it! Playing in rep, you’ll be able to see a range of brilliant shows up until 15 October, including some relaxed, audio-described, captioned and BSL interpreted performances.

‘Love is at the centre of our human experience. It provides us with the best of times and the worst of times and reminds us that we are alive, connected and part of something greater than ourselves. A little like theatre if all goes well.’ Emma Rice, Artistic Director, on the season.

Get yourself down to the South Bank this Summer and see a show you’ve heard of but never seen, catch one of your favourites or experience Shakespeare for the first time!

Romeo and Juliet

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

22 April – 9 July

Two households. Two children. One love. One fate. It’s the timeless romantic tragedy but not as you know it. This production of Romeo and Juliet fearlessly confronts darker themes; the glamorisation of violence, sex and the ultimate brutality of death. It also combines a dynamic mix of musical styles and soundscapes, including classical and modern pop.

Nell Gwynn

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

2 – 13 May

Telling the story of the iconic early stage actress, Jessica Swales‘ production of Nell Gwynn comes to Shakespeare’s Globe. During his reign, Charles II replaces London’s restrictive, puritanical past with a love of all things loud and sexy. Nell Gwynn gets by as an orange-seller in the burgeoning West End theatre scene, but she has no idea that Royalty is the audience one night. Laura Pitt-Pulford stars as part of a national tour presented by English Touring Theatre.

Twelfth Night

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

18 May – 5 August

In Twelfth Night, shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria, twins Sebastian and Viola are separated and believing each other to be dead. Grieving for the loss of her brother, Viola disguises herself as a boy and goes into service for Duke Orsino. The Duke is madly in love with Countess Olivia but needs Viola to woo her on his behalf while dressed as a man. To add to her new and confusing life, Olivia falls in love with Viola’s male alter-ego, but Viola has herself fallen deep and fast for Orsino. It’s a whirlwind of crossed wires, love and dual identities!

Tristan & Yseult

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

13 – 24 June

Inspired by a Celtic legend, the romance of Tristan & Yseult may be new to some viewers but is not to be missed! Tristan, a knight in the court of Cornish King Mark, falls madly in love with Yseult, the sister of the King’s enemy. She’s also due to soon marry the King. This love triangle will have you on the edge of your seat in Kneehigh Theatre’s production, blending ‘comedy, live music, grand passions and tender truths in an irresistible night of love.’

Much Ado About Nothing

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

14 July – 15 October

Warring almost-lovers, Benedick and Beatrice are adamant that they’re not in love in Much Ado About Nothing. It seems that there’s nothing that could bring these two together, until a revolutionary with an inner darkness forces some difficult decisions to be made. This exciting production will be an intoxicating fusion of Latin music, desert flowers and revolutionary politics.

King Lear

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

10 August – 14 October

With no male heirs, King Lear makes a bold decision; to divide his kingdom among his children, but fails to anticipate the consequences of his actions. Later finding that his generosity is cruelly repaid, Lear is adrift, wandering homeless and destitute. He finally encounters his own humanity after realising that the poor moral decisions he’s made in his lifetime have long-lasting repercussions.


Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

8 September – 1 October

Boudica is brand new ancient history. Written by Tristan Bernays, it tells the story of one of Britain’s most infamous women’s fire and ambition to claim what is rightfully hers.  On the furthest outreaches of the Roman Empire in 61 AD, the locals are restless. Queen Boudica’s husband is dead and, in trying to claim the throne, defies Rome. As punishment, she has been flogged, her daughters have been raped, and they were banished. Years later, Boudica returns, but she’s not alone. An army follows their Queen.

This season sounds incredible! Tell us on Twitter and Facebook which shows you’ll be seeing this year with #SummerOfLove.

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