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Father’s Day Special: Celebrating 5 Great Theatre Dads

14 June 2018 by Emily Moulder
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It seems in theatre, a casual fan could assume that it’s really all about the mothers when it comes to stage parents. From your   Mama Roses to your Mamma Mias, everyone loves a dramatic matriarch, but now it’s dad’s turn and to celebrate Father’s Day 2018, we’re going to give a shoutout to our top 5 musical theatre dads!

Mufasa, ‘The Lion King’

Photo Credit: The Lion King, Disney Theatrical, 2014

The leader of the pack is surely Mufasa from “Disney’s The Lion King”. This father did everything he could to teach his young son, Simba, how to lead and stay safe. He definitely took lot of pride in his role. Pride. Get it? Because lions. Get tickets to see “The Lion King” this Summer!

Jackie Elliot, ‘Billy Elliot’

Photo Credit: “Billy Elliot”, 2015 cast

A man who could have so easily followed a different route, Jackie Elliot from the hit musical “Billy Elliot”, turned out to be the dad we’d all love to have. He was able to put aside what others thought of his son and supported him to fulfil his dream. It wasn’t always easy, but he did what was right for his family.

Gomez Addams, ‘The Addams Family’

Photo Credit: “The Addams Family” Matt Martin

A crazy, weird dad who would do anything, and we mean anything for his family, Gomez Addams has got style and sophistication to go with his ‘scary but sweet’ persona. He’s definitely the winner of the ‘Best Dressed Dad’ award.

Wilbur Turnblad, ‘Hairspray’

Photo Credit: Matt Rixon as Edna Turnblad, Rebecca Mendoza as Tracy, Norman Pace as Wilbur Turnblad (Image: Darren Bell)

Wilbur Turnblad might be the top of everyone’s list, but he’s one of our personal favourites. He has never forgotten just how much he loves his wife Edna, he supports daughter Tracy in chasing her dream of dancing on TV, and he always sees the funny side of life. Plus, he runs a joke shop, so you know Wilbur’s dad jokes are on point.

Baker, ‘Into The Woods’

Photo Credit: Alex Gaumond in “Into The Woods” at the Manchester Exchange, by Jonathan Keenan

The Baker may not always be right or sure about what he should do, but in his pursuit to be a father he will go to extraordinary lengths. He has a protective nature, attempts to shoulder a family burden alone before learning to share it and he shows true courage when faced with big, almost giant-sized obstacles. See “Into The Woods” in London now until 24th June!

Who would make your list of great theatre dads? Tweet us with #TheatreDads!

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