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Exclusive Video: Zoe Rainey’s On Pointe Journey

22 December 2017 by Emily Moulder
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Zoe Rainey, star of An American In Paris, decided recently to challenge herself to learn something new: pointe ballet. In a recent interview with TodayTix, Zoe explained why she would take on such a physically demanding discipline.

“I spent a lot of my childhood being quite fearful, not being able to ride a bike. Not being able to roller skate. And I believe that now is my time to push myself past those fears, and to challenge myself and realise that they’re not easy to begin with, but that’s the point.”

Taking on a new challenge can be scary but Zoe put her heart and soul into learning a difficult skill, but she did it with the help of friends and fellow cast members at An American In Paris, including dancer Nicky Henshall. Follow her journey now in this exclusive interview and see her dance on stage at the Dominion theatre!

You can see Zoe in An American In Paris with exclusive £20 Rush tickets.

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