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Dress like your favourite West End characters without wearing a costume for London Theatre Week

22 August 2021 by TodayTix
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Forget wearing a festival wristband, it’s time to get dressed for London Theatre Week, where you can get great prices on West End shows from 21 February to 13 March. Make your next trip to the theatre extra special by dressing in an outfit that’s inspired by the show you’re seeing. Be inspired by the retro looks in Back to the Future, or how about a historical headpiece for The Mirror and the Light? Will you dare to go green like Elphaba in Wicked, or decide to put on a fancy frock for The Great Gatsby?

London Theatre Week is the new fashion week. Here’s how to dress like your favourite characters (without being in costume) and still look the part. 

Explore all of the shows in London Theatre Week, and book tickets from £15, £25, and £35 today!

Three cast members of Anything Goes, with Sutton Foster in the middle, stand in the foreground onstage with an ensemble behind them

Anything Goes

To be in ship shape for Anything Goes, wear a blue and white striped t-shirt paired with jeans and a white jacket. It’s a sure fire way to keep nauti-cool at the theatre, while looking the part too.

Book Anything Goes tickets in London Theatre Week from £15.

the cast of Heathers onstage, with the four principal characters in the foreground


For a Heathers outfit, plan your look around one primary colour. Then find a scrunchie, blazer, skirt, and socks that are all the same colour and that complement each piece of clothing too. How very.

Book Heathers tickets in London Theatre Week from £15.

Daisy and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby dancing on opposite sides of a table and looking at each other

The Great Gatsby

1920s fashion is all about sophistication and dressing up to the nines. Don your glitziest outfits and smartest suits to fit in with the Prohibition era and be a part of Jay Gatsby’s gang. We’ve even got a guide on how to stand out from the crowd at The Great Gatsby.

Book The Great Gatsby tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Mary Poppins holding her hat, dressed in a red coat with her umbrella

Mary Poppins

Planning a practically perfect Mary Poppins outfit can be tricky, but to master the look, a white shirt and red coat will do the trick. The finishing touches are what really make Mary though, so carry your largest bag around with you at all times. Unfortunately, flying in with an umbrella isn’t possible. 

Book Mary Poppins tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Rosie, Donna, and Tanya from Mamma Mia! standing and singing in a doorway

Mamma Mia!

Going for a daytime Mamma Mia! feel? Throw caution to the wind and imagine you’re on a beach holiday by wearing palazzo pants and kaftans that will flow in the breeze. For an evening Mamma Mia! Look, channel your inner Donna and the Dynamos by wearing a pair of ruffled trousers and platform boots.

Book Mamma Mia! tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Cast members of the Book of Mormon in white shirts and black dress pants and shoes, jumping in midair with their arms outstretched

The Book of Mormon

Make it your mission to dress in a way that would make any Mormon proud. Wear a smart, white shirt with black trousers, black tie, and polished black shoes. 

Book The Book of Mormon tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

From the Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom stands with an arm around Christine's neck

The Phantom of the Opera

There’s two iconic looks you can go for with The Phantom of the Opera. If you’re going for the Phantom, smarten up any outfit with a black trench coat or cape (added bonus of packing a mask is both Phantom approved and safety approved too.) To be Christine Daae, wear a white dress with ruffles and you’ll be picture perfect for singing on the Paris Opera House stage.  

Book The Phantom of the Opera tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

photo of wicked ensemble members onstage in green costumes


If you’re being Elphaba, make the ultimate commitment and paint your face and body green. Wicked makeup artists use MAC products to create Elphaba’s verti-gris, using the shade “landscape green.”

Planning Glinda garb? Cover all your pinkest clothes in sparkles and sequins. The more glitter you can wear at one time, the better.  

Book Wicked tickets in London Theatre Week from £15.

The four principal members of Jersey Boys standing and singing in red jackets. Frankie Valli is in the foreground with his arms outstretched looking at the camera

Jersey Boys

Planning a harmonious Jersey Boys-inspired quartet look is easier than you may think. Turn up to the theatre with your group all wearing red blazer jackets and people may mistake you for the Four Seasons.

Book Jersey Boys tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

actors in Magic Mike Live! are in midair facing the floor. women are cheering them on in the background

Magic Mike Live

Even if you are honouring Magic Mike Live, turning up to the theatre wearing no clothes is definitely a no-go. For those wishing they were Mike, it’s a simple look to master; just wear black jeans and a loose-fitting top or a tight tank top and dream of joining in with the dances. 

Book Magic Mike Live tickets in London Theatre Week from £35.

Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Doc has a wacky hat on, and Marty is holding a wire attached to it up to his forehead

Back to the Future The Musical

Creating a Back to the Future outfit that hits both the 1980s and the 1950s is pretty tricky. But we’ve got you covered. To look like Marty McFly, wear a pair of jeans and cartoon tee with a fluorescent orange gilet. If you’re trying to be the next Doc Brown, think like a mad professor and wear a long white coat and goggles. 

Book Back to the Future tickets in London Theatre Week from £15.

The cast of Come from Away standing and kneeling around a wooden table and looking at the camera

Come From Away

Part of the joy of Come From Away is that it’s about real people from Gander, Newfoundland. So the outfits worn in Come From Away are just made up of casual pieces that could be found in anyone’s wardrobe. To really dress like you’re in Come From Away, be like the cast and change numerous times in 90 minutes. 

Book Come From Away tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Hermione, Harry and Ron in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Go to Hogwarts at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and be a part of the wizarding world. If you’re dressing like a young Harry Potter, head to the theatre in your school uniform for a smart appearance (but make sure your tie is red for Gryffindor!) For those who are wanting to look more like an adult Potter, wear a matching suit with a waistcoat, and don’t forget to paint on the lightning scar. A scarf in your preferred house colors is the perfect accessory for any look. 

Book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets in London Theatre Week from £15.

the ensemble of les miserables standing on barricades in front of a large red flag

Les Misérables

French revolutions may not scream Paris Fashion Week, but dressing with a nod to Les Miserables characters can add a certain “je ne sais quoi.” Wear a neutral coloured trench coat with either a dark coloured hat or scarf and you’d fit right in on the barricade. 

Book Les Misérables tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Dear Evan Actors standing in a circle onstage facing outward

Dear Evan Hansen

Today’s going to be a good clothes day, and here’s why. To channel Evan Hansen, wear a striped blue polo shirt and brown trousers with a comfortable, worn-in pair of trainers. We do not advocate for a method look by breaking your arm.

Book Dear Evan Hansen tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

Three men in Only Fools and Horses. Two sit at a table and talk with drinks in their hands, and another looks on from the background

Only Fools and Horses

Go to Peckham Market with Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses in a faux fur-lined coat, with a red jumper and grey trousers underneath. Find a flat cap to make the look extra pukka. 

Book Only Fools and Horses tickets in London Theatre Week from £25.

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