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8 Stages Of Taking A Theatre Newbie To A Show

15 March 2017 by Emily Moulder
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It’s always exciting to give someone their very first theatre experience. Whether it’s their first time stepping foot in a theatre, taking them to see a play when they only go to musicals or introducing them to your favourite show, it can be a really special treat.

And stressful, annoying and amazing. Here are some of the feelings taking a newbie to the theatre.

1. Feeling like a hero for bringing them to a show

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman stand together, a fire rages behind them.
Photo Credit: Giphy/Dawn of Justice

The world is a confusing place and things are tough all over, and tonight you’ve rescued your friend from an evening of boredom and a life without theatre. You should probably wear a cape.

2. Giving them a tour of London on the way to the theatre

Doctor Who beckons you from the Tardis door, saying Come with me.
Photo Credit: giphy/Doctor Who

When you’re taking someone to a show and they haven’t spent a lot of time in London, you often turn into a tour guide of the capital, pointing out landmarks and theatres with interesting tidbits. Or pointing out the various cafes you’ve seen the cast of Les Mis in.

3. Bringing them to your favourite pre-show place

Photo Credit: Giphy/Gilmore Girls
Photo Credit: Giphy/Gilmore Girls

You might take your friend to a cool new bar, but you and I both know you’re gonna go to the Theatre Cafe, because you’re stagey as hell and you just can’t hide it. Or if you want dinner before a show, bring your friend to the all-singing Leon!

4. Keeping calm while your friend is laid back about being on time for the show

Photo Credit: giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

“No Lauren, they won’t just let us in whenever we get there.”

5. Loading up on appropriate snacks

Photo Credit: Giphy/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Photo Credit: Giphy/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Sometimes there just isn’t time to get dinner before a show, so you’re going to want to get snacks. And sometimes you have just had a delicious dinner and still want a bunch of sweeties; we’re not here to judge. Here are the golden rules of eating in a theatre to pass on to your newbie friend: crisps must come in a can or be decanted into a cup, NO individually wrapped sweets, and under no circumstances buy popping candy. That stuff will get you tutted at.

6. Convincing your friend that they do need the toilet

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

“No seriously, go now. Fine, queue for the entire interval for the loo.” They don’t listen. They’ll learn.

7. Turning to them every five minutes during the show to see if they like it

Photo Credit: Giphy/Pulp Fiction
Photo Credit: Giphy/Pulp Fiction

You know you shouldn’t but YOU NEED TO KNOW IF THEY LOVE IT LIKE YOU DO.

8. Basking in the glow of converting your friend to being a theatre lover

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

Outside the theatre, your friend raves about the show and how they can’t believe they waited so long to see something. Job well done.

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