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8 Spectacle Shows To See In London This Summer

19 June 2017 by Emily Moulder
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We all love intimate shows, tense dramas and fringe theatre but sometimes you’re just itching to see something larger than life, right there in front of you on stage. Sometimes, you just want a spectacle – a show that can overwhelm you with it’s scope, that builds another world, one that takes over the entire stage.

Here are some great spectacle shows that you can see in London right now.

Bat Out Of Hell

Photo Credit: Bat Out Of Hell

Based around the music of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman, Bat Out of Hell is a high-octane thrill ride through a futuristic dystopian landscape. Strat (Andrew Polec) leads The Lost, a group of misfits frozen as teenagers, unable to grow up, fighting against the fascist Falco (Rob Fowler). When Strat falls in love with Falco’s daughter Raven (Christina Bennington), all Hell breaks loose. The Coliseum is transformed into a wasteland where motorcycles and cars ride across the stage – without giving away any spoilers, expect the unexpected in this show!

An American In Paris

Photo Credit: An American In Paris

An American GI finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with the City of Light in the wake of the second World War in An American In Paris. And it’s not hard to see why; with minimal sets and clever use of projection, the Dominion Theatre comes to life in this larger than life romantic fantasy. See An American In Paris for £20 with exclusive Rush tickets.

The Lion King

Photo Credit: The Lion King

Experience the beauty of Africa right here in London at Disney’s The Lion King. Follow lion cub Simba in his journey to adulthood and becoming the King of Pride Rock, despite his evil uncle’s machinations. The production’s use of unique puppetry, twirling aerial acrobats and clever staging makes for a really wild show!

The Life of Galileo

Photo Credit: Life of Galileo

If you’re looking to experience something different, Life of Galileo is a look at the history of knowledge, religion and the universe in a vibrant new production. Galileo is desperate to share his scientific discoveries with the world but faces persecution and torture if he speaks the truth. Performed in the round, see the ceiling illuminated with stars, actors engaging with the audience and stunning costume designs – it’s not to be missed. You can get exclusive Rush tickets for Life of Galileo for just £20.


Photo Credit: Aladdin

Journey to Agrabah to follow a simple street rat’s adventure against the evil Jafar in Aladdin. Disney’s musical is a larger-than-life production with a show-stopping Genie, magic carpet, the amazing Cave of Wonders, and the stunning palace, home of Princess Jasmine and her father the Sultan.


Photo Credit: Wicked

The magic of Wicked has enthralled millions of fans across the globe, and you can still see it on stage in London. Visit a world of witches, wizards and flying monkeys in this incredible spectacle. Elphaba, a girl with emerald skin and strange abilities just wants to make the world a better place, but life doesn’t turn out the way she expected, and she ends up being the villain of her own story. Book your tickets and your friends will be green with envy.

42nd Street

Photo Credit: 42nd Street

Peggy Sawyer may be new in town but she’s about to get the chance of a lifetime when the leading lady in a Broadway-bound show is injured. Featuring over 50 high-kicking performers, 42nd Street is an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza with a finale that will blow you away! You can get £25 tickets with our exclusive Rush programme.

Phantom of the Opera

Photo Credit: Phantom Of The Opera

Christine is an up and coming star in her opera company, but her mysterious tutor’s obsession with his pupil will put everyone in danger. Phantom of the Opera will bring you down to the dark, haunting vaults beneath the Paris Opera House, and to the high society balls of the wealthy world above.

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