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Your Musical Theater Playlist for a Berkshires Road Trip

May 21, 2018 by Ali Bloomston
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Paradise is only about a three hour drive from New York City, and while you’re jamming in your (rental) car to the Berkshires, check out our curated playlist to set the scene on your way to the magical oasis of Western Massachusetts. With these tunes, you’ll forget about the summer Friday traffic.

“Into the Woods”

The perfect opening number for your drive because “you must begin the journey!”

“Ease on Down The Road”
You’re definitely still stuck in traffic, but the good news is you are moving in the right direction, so “just keep on truckin’ and you’ll just be fine!”

Photographed by NBC

“Somewhere That’s Green”
Since you’re only two songs into the drive, you’re probably still surrounded by concrete. Sing this little ditty and fantasize about the greenery that is only hours away.

“A Weekend in the Country”
You might be getting a little antsy by this point in the drive. You might even be telling yourself “A weekend in the country, where we’re twice as upset as in town,” but just remember you’re on your way to listen to a little night music at Tanglewood, so it will all be okay.

“Sound of Music”
Push the impatience aside and belt out this tune about the music and nature that awaits you. You’re not far from throwing your hands in the air and running through the hills of Western Massachusetts like you’re a fun-loving nun on the Alps.

(Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

“Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”
You’re heading to a place where the “sounds of the earth are like music” which is much better than your current reality where the sounds of the earth are more like honking cars.

For Forever
Shift your mindset from “all we see is skyscrapers” to “all we see is sky.” Transport yourself to that “open field that’s framed with trees.”

(Photographed by Margot Schulman)

As the sun goes down and you get further away from the lights of the city, channel your inner Javier and appreciate the stars “keeping watch in the night.”

“Take a Break”
Aren’t you so glad you decided to run away for the summer and go upstate?

The livin’ IS easy — you’re off to summer in the Berkshires!

Now, just listen to this playlist approximately three times through, and you’ll be pulling into the driveway of your Berkshires retreat before you know it.