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4 Shows to See for Valentine’s Week in Boston

February 9, 2018 by Vilina Phan
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No time to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. Nix the flowers and chocolate (they were so 2017) and think outside the box by treating your partner, your friend, or yourself to a cultural experience. Grab dinner beforehand or post-show drinks for the perfect evening.

No matter what your relationship status this February, we’ve got a show for you in our Valentine’s week guide.


1. Bad Dates

Who can’t relate to going on a bad date? In Theresa Rebeck’s sweet and sharp comedy, restaurant manager and shoe connoisseur Haley Walker recounts her dreadful dating stories. The play is one of the Huntington Theatre Company’s most popular, and this 15th-anniversary production is sure to give you and your girlfriends lots of laughs for Galentine’s Day.

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2. Orlando

Sarah Ruhl’s spin on Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando” is a grand and epic adventure that transcends time, space, and gender. After a particularly wild night in 17th-century Constantinople, Orlando the man wakes up to find himself a woman, and abandons herself to five centuries of change with an insatiable appetite to discover what it means to live fully in the present, in her own skin, and in her own time. This production at Lyric Stage is sure to delight this Valentine’s Day.

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3. Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Sure, “Romeo and Juliet” may be one of the greatest love stories, but if you’re feeling a little dark and sarcastic this Valentine’s Day, why not go see it performed with an inebriated twist? At each performance, a random cast member will get drunk before the performance and perform in the show. Who knows? Maybe in this version they don’t (spoiler alert) die at the end.

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4. Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew

Once again, who doesn’t want to see a drunk actor perform Shakespeare? One of the Bard’s most beloved comedies has an added ingredient with Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: alcohol. Take in this raucous evening full of laughs and love. The romance and Shakespeare doubters might even have a great time.

Get tix from $15 to “Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew”!